Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom was an online game for children that represented the physical theme parks and gave park visitors exclusive digital items. It was launched in 2005 as an ‘advergame’ for Disneyland’s 50th birthday celebration.

Detail from private room of Virtual Magic Kingdom

The game was a groundbreaking example of an experience that intersected physical spaces and digital platforms: achievements in the game unlocked experiences within the physical parks, and retail products and collectibles purchased in the parks spawned digital copies in the game. If players created their avatar during a Disneyland visit, they got a special status: “Born in park”.

The game was closed in 2008, despite a passionate “Save VMK” campaign by the fans.

Developed by Sulake, in collaboration with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online

My role? As the producer, I led the development team to specify, design and build the game.